What I Do

My name is Stacey and I am a registered Naturopath, Nutrtionist and Medical Herbalist based in the Toronto region in NSW.  I practice using a a blend of the latest evidence based science with the traditional knowledge of herbal and lifestyle choices for health.


My Story 

I came to study Naturopathy as part of my own healing journey.  After years of poor nutritional choices, various demanding and high stress jobs and little to no work life balance, my health started to suffer.  

Hormonal imbalances have always been a part of my life and along with other long term chronic health conditions, the symptoms were something I just learnt to accept and put up with.  It was not until my early 20’s, that I finally found a practitioner who listened and agreed that the symptoms and disruption to daily life were not normal.  The official diagnosis of endometriosis brought relief in the knowledge that this was not just in my head, however also frustration in the limited treatment options offered to me – surgery, oral contraceptive pill, pain killers and anti-depressants.

Connecting the Dots

Anxiety, depression, wide spread pain and fatigue had been a part of my life since my teens.  Extremely sensitve to synthetic hormones, I experienced a raft of side effects – you name it whatever was in that insert I experienced nearly all of them! It started to feel like I was always sick and had forgotten what it felt like to be really well.  It wasn’t until after a long period of continued high stress that my health really started unravelling and I started to connect the dots between my diet and lifestyle and my overall health.  The consequences of my lifestyle choices and genetic predispositions, resulted in the onset of multiple chronic illnesses that was seriously taking the enjoyment out of life.  Weight gain, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue and mood swings – I finally realised there had to be a better way. 

The Result

I spent hours and hours researching into alternatives and I began the slow (actually very slow with lots of stumbles along the way…just ask me about how resistant a stubborn brain and mindset can be to change!) path back to health.  With changes to diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes I gradually started to see improvements that couldn’t just be chalked up to coincedence.  I became determined to learn all I could about naturopathic medicine and help other people enjoy some of the successes I had experienced.  I made the enormous decision to leave a well paid career and decided to study Naturopathy full time – and I have never looked back!

If you are ready to start the next stage of your health journey click on the links below for more information about the services I offer and contact details to make a booking

Naturopathic or Nutrition Consultations

Are you tired of suffering chronic illness or never feeling your best but not getting any answers?  Naturopathy could be the answer.  We combine the latest research and evidence based approaches with traditional knowledge to give you a holistic tailor made treatment protocol to enhance your wellbeing and get your health back on track fast!

Iridology Consultations

Have you ever wondered what your eyes could reveal about your health?  Iridology is a facinating preventative health tool that can help you identify areas of weakness that may be a result of your genetic herritage or the result of the environment in which you live and influences such as lifestyle and diet.  Identifying areas to nurture can correct imbalances before they cause symptoms and help you live your best life!

Functional Pathology Testing

Functional medicine testing is a lot more detailed than most standard blood tests and the aim is to identify the root cause of a health problem or symptom.  It can also be used as a preventative measure by identifying nutritional deficiencies before they have a chance to manifest as ill health or nutritional deficiencies before they can cause health issues.  Functional testing ranges are aimed at you achieving optimal health, and provides a useful meausre of treatment effectivenss and patient progress

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