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Initial Consultation

$120 (60-90 minutes duration)

This is the consult for you if we have not seen each other before.  It will take between 60-90 minutes and is designed to get a comprehensive health history in order to ensure your main health concerns are identified and effectively tailor a realistic treatment plan that suits you best.

We will look at your family’s and your own medical history, discuss current diet and lifestyle and note any medications or herbs and supplements you are curently taking.

Additional in-house testing that may be used includes:

  • Iridology
  • Oral pH test
  • Tongue, nails and skin analysis
  • Blood Pressure

During this time we will also discuss any further functional pathology testing that may be relevant to you and that can help cut out the guess work and let you see results quickly.

Follow Up Consultation

$ 85 (30-45 Minutes duration )

This consult is for returning clients and is where we will track your progress and ensure we are in alignment with your health goals.   Minor adjustments can me made to a current treatment plan and I can answer any questions you may have about it’s implementation, monitor and track improvements and review any pathology to make adjustments as necessary.  Complex testing may require an Extended Follow Up appointment.

Extended Follow Up Consultation

$100 (45-60 minutes Duration)

This consult is for returning clients with complex cases or pathology results.  We will review your current treatment plan, discuss pathology results and make any adjustments necessary to keep you on track to your health goals and symptom reduction.

Acute Care/Health Check Consultation

$55 (30 minutes Duration)

This is the appointment for you if you have a simple acute illness like sore throats, cold/flu, tummy bug, UTI and need holistic herbal help fast without a full consultation. Alternatively this can be used for Quick Health Check Appointments or prescription renewals for existing clients.  For short consultation please book by phone or in person.

Iridology Consultation

$55 (30 minutes Duration)


Iridology is a non-invasive, yet effective health screening tool that can help identify genetic predisopisitions and a person’s overall health.

Absolutely uinque to each individual, the iris has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body via the nervous system.

An iridology assessment of the iris can identifiy underlying organ and tissue weakness and overall constiutional strength and. The purpose of iridology is not to diagnose but itas an effective tool, to pin-point health problems in their earliest stages.  It can help identify areas you may need to nuture to avoid the pathway to disease, prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.

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