Iridology Consultation

$49 (30 minutes Duration)


Iridology is a non-invasive, yet effective health screening tool that can help identify genetic predisopisitions and a person’s overall health.

Absolutely uinque to each individual, the iris has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body via the nervous system.

An iridology assessment of the iris can identifiy underlying organ and tissue weakness and overall constiutional strength and vitality.   The purpose of iridology is not to diagnose but used as an effective tool, to pin-point health problems in their earliest stages.  It can help identify areas you may need to nuture to avoid the pathway to disease, prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness.

What Is Iridology

Unique to you, your iris reflets your genetic blueprint and inherent consitutional strengths and weaknesses.  It is not used to diagnose individual disease states, but rather as a tool to help identify areas in the body you may need to nurture to help prevent or slow down disease states occuring in the future.  I use this in combination with other diagnostics such as tongue, hair, skin and nail analysis to put together the pieces of your health puzzle.

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