Functional Pathology Testing

Why might I use Functional Pathology Testing?

Sometimes the answers to your health problems may not be able to be found in standard pathology.   This is where functional pathology can help.

As a fully registered and accredited Naturopath and Nutritionist, I am able to refer you for pathology should your case warrent further investigation.

What sort of things can we test for?

Examples of functional pathology testing that we may request include:

  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Oestrogen Metabolites
  • Methylation and liver health status
  • Comprehensive Digestive stool analysis – useful for detecting parasitic or bacterial infections in the gut as well as looking at overall gut health
  • Food Intolerances and Allergy testing
  • Full Thyroid Panel – T4, T3, TSH, Thyroid antibodies
  • Inflammatory Markers like Homocysteine and CRP
  • Genetic testing like MTHFR
  • Heavy Metals

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