Taking a holistic approach to health care, using nutritional medicine, herbal remedies and personalised diet and lifestyle advice to help you reach optimal wellbeing
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Naturopathic or Nutrition Consultations

Are you tired of suffering chronic illness or never feeling your best but not getting any answers?  Naturopathy could be the answer.  We combine the latest research and evidence based approaches with traditional knowledge to give you a holistic tailor made treatment protocol to enhance your wellbeing and get your health back on track fast!

Iridology Consultations

Have you ever wondered what your eyes could reveal about your health?  Iridology is a facinating preventative health tool that can help you identify areas of weakness that may be a result of your genetic herritage or the result of the environment in which you live and influences such as lifestyle and diet.  Identifying areas to nurture can correct imbalances before they cause symptoms and help you live your best life!

Functional Pathology Testing

Functional medicine testing is a lot more detailed than most standard blood tests and the aim is to identify the root cause of a health problem or symptom.  It can also be used as a preventative measure by identifying nutritional deficiencies before they have a chance to manifest as ill health or nutritional deficiencies before they can cause health issues.  Functional testing ranges are aimed at you achieving optimal health, and provides a useful meausre of treatment effectivenss and patient progress

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